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January 1, 2019

Karen  Henry

The Drained Batteries  



 I recently discovered a box of new unused AA batteries that were left for several years in my kitchen drawer. 

After installing several of the batteries in a TV remote, I had noticed the remote still didn’t work.   Consequently, after multiple exchanges of inserting and removing, and making sure they were popped in properly, I concluded that overtime the batteries had gradually drained from sitting in the drawer unused.

Each of us have been equipped by our Creator with captivating sources of energy called, “Power, Purpose, Potential and Passion”.   But just like my new batteries that sat unused and drained of their electrical charge, many of us have allowed our talents, gifts, visions, and dreams to progressively become dormant.

Life is simply too short to keep talking and dreaming about what you’re going to do... someday.  The secret to getting ahead is simply getting started. 

What ideas have you desired to do, that needs to be revisited and recharged?  What project, plan or idea have you shelved over the years, but can’t shake from the recesses of your mind? 

  Allowing the uniqueness of our individual life experiences and authentic expressions to make a difference in the lives of others helps rejuvenate our purpose for living. What experiences have you kept to yourself that could make a difference in someone’s life?

Within each of us lies the blueprints of powerful men and women of purpose,  many of us have succeeded despite tremendous odds stacked against us:  racism, sexism, poverty, lack of education, trauma and  many other barriers and obstacles.   

Don’t be like the unused batteries left in the drawer and allow your gifts and talents to dissipate unused. 

Birth your vision. Prepare the fertile ground for your dreams to flourish. Give God a way to express Himself in and through you!

Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing will work unless you do”. So Do It... Now!   

George Pagan III


t The gift called Vision

January 19, 2019   or your dreams to flourish. Give God

  •  For over 20 years I have volunteered my services coaching others, never calling it "coaching" but a soul's calling to help others discover and envision

  • their highest, best and truest self. In transitioning this role into a professional practice called Life-Purpose coaching, one of my challenges have been encouraging

  • others to be free to express aloud their vision for greatness. The vast majority are reluctant to articulate anything greater than their self within the

  • present moment. In coaching conversations, most of the time is spent resuscitating broken dreams, while reminding others that yesterday is over, and you can’t have a

  • greater tomorrow until you stop focusing on what you missed yesterday. God has given us a gift called “Vision”.

  • As recipients of this gift, we have the responsibility to embrace the power of seeing the invisible. Today is a great opportunity to pick up the pieces of those broken" invisible"

  • dreams and create a new life trajectory. Remember the tragedy of life is not what happened yesterday, or what happens tomorrow, but doing nothing today.

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