Become a Triumphant Life Coach Volunteer

"TLC 's life coaches play a vital role in helping our clients re-design achievable goals and objectives that help them reach their maximum potential".

We pride ourselves on providing high impact personal and professional life coaching: business, career, christian life coaching, communications; professional speaking and professional presence,  diversity, education, financial literacy, health and wellness, executive leadership and minority development. We believe that by providing life coaching to other non-profits, and community services organizations, we act as the conduit to establishing permanent milestones that improve self-sufficiency and quality of life.


Benefits to Becoming a Triumphant Life Coach

 TLC Coaches provide training to non-profit organizations to better equip them to communicate, lead and empower others towards a better life vision. 

TLC volunteers have access to client training opportunities that help improve their life coaching and facilitation  skills.  

TLC Coaches gain access to a network of life coaches through resources from assignments, projects and events. 

TLC Coaches are instrumental in developing strategic plans for improving community- based organizations and faith-based networks.

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